Short Name
Data Type
157amount of substance per masratioSubstMassmole per kilogramdouble relationship between amount of substance and mass
125amount of substanceamount of substancemoledouble SI based amount of substance
128energyenergyjouledouble SI based energy
129katalkatalkataldouble SI based catalytic (enzymatic) activity
133quantity, time specifiedquantityPerTimeper seconddouble quantity, time specified
134quantity, area specifiedquantityPerAreaper square meterdouble quantity, area specified
136temerature celsius skaledtemperaturedegree celsiusdouble temerature celsius skaled
137velocityvelocitymeter per seconddouble velocity in meter per second
138precipitation amountrainliter per square meterdouble amount of precipitation
141per millepermillepercentagedouble relationship expressed as a fraction of 1000
143relationshiprationonedouble relationship between values of the same unit
140percentagepercentagepercentagedouble relationship expressed as a fraction of 100
150mass per volumeratioMassVolkilogram per cubic meterdouble relationship between mass and volume
151volume per massratioVolMasscubic meter per kilogramdouble relationship between volume and mass
152volume per arearatioVolAreacubic meter per square meterdouble relationship between volume and area
153katal per massratioKatMasskatal per kilogramdouble relationship between katal and mass
149mass per arearatioMassAreakilogram per square meterdouble relationship between mass and area
169WGS84 coordinatewgsCoordinatedegree by iersstring World Geodetic System 1984 coordinate
167exploratoryexploratorynonestring name of the explotatorium
122time (duration)durationseconddouble SI based time
120height, width, length, distancelengthmeterdouble SI based length
170decimal coordinatedecCoordinatedegreedouble decimal coordinate
177specification integer, unable to orderspecOrd_intnoneinteger integer scaleable order, ranking
127powerpowerwattdouble SI based power
186valuevaluenonedouble parameter, characteristic, feature, measurable dimensionless
187atmospheric pressureairPressurepascaldouble barometric pressure
190concentration per massconcentrationMasspercent per kilogramdouble relationship between concentration and mass
192wind forcewindbeaufort scaledouble Beaufort wind force scale
193electrical resistanceresistanceohmdouble Electrical resistance
194Photosynthetically Active Photon Flux DensityPPFDmole per square meter and seconddouble Photosynthetically Active Photon Flux Density
196written rangerange_stringnonestring e.g. A to B or A-B etc.
188ageageyearinteger time interval of species being in years
172coordinate reference systemCRSnonestring coordinate reference system
166identifier, code basedid_charnonestring identifier, code based
185pHpHphdouble measure of the acidity or basicity
160dateTimedateTimenonedatetime date or/and time of a moment
132quantityquantitynonedouble quantity, number, count
261abcabcnonestring Not found
263short commentshort commentnonestring  
264long commentlong commentnonetext  
165identifier, integer numberid_intnoneinteger identifier, integer number
266electric currentcurrentamperedouble SI based electric current
267thermodynamic temperatureabsolute temperaturekelvindouble SI based thermodynamic temperature
268luminous intensityluminous intensitycandeladouble SI based luminous intensity
269frequencyfrequencyhertzdouble SI based frequency
270electric potential differencevoltagevoltdouble SI based electric potential difference
271quantity, mass specifiedquantityPerMassper kilogramdouble quantity, mass specified
272precipitation raterainfallliter per square meter and hourdouble intensity of rainfall in mm per h
273proportionproportionnonedouble relationship, relations
274volume fractionratioVolvolume ratiodouble relationship between volumes, proportionality
275mass fractionratioMassmass ratiodouble relationship between masses, proportionality
301speciesspeciesnonestring Not found
277power per arearatioPowAreawatt per square meterdouble relationship between power and area
278energy per arearatioEnAreajoule per square meterdouble relationship between energy and area
279length per massratioLengMassmeter per kilogramdouble relationship between length and mass
280substance per area and timeratioSubstAreaTimemole per square meter and seconddouble relationship between amount of substance and area by time
281substance per mass and timeratioSubstMassTimemole per kilogram and seconddouble relationship between amount of substance and mass by time
282dateTime as stringdateTime_stringnonestring date or/and time of a moment as string
283dateTime as integerdateTime_intnoneinteger date or/and time of a moment as integer
284dateTime as unix timestampdateTime_unixsecondinteger unix timestamp
285remarkremarknonestring remarks, messages, notes
287cartesian coordinatescartCoordinatemeterdouble cartesian coordinates
288descriptiondescriptionnonestring description
289specification, unable to orderspecifUnorderednonestring specification, scalable
290specification, able to orderspecifOrderednonestring scaleable order, ranking
291specification integer, able to orderspecUno_intnoneinteger integer specification, scalable
292angleangledegreedouble measure of a change in direction or orientation
293angle arcarcarcstring arc in degree minute second (° ' '')
294booleanboolnonebool boolean value
295boolean as numberbool_intnoneinteger boolean as number (e.g. 0,1)
296boolean as charbool_charnonestring boolean as character (e.g. y/n)
297electric chargechargeampere-hourdouble electric charge, battery capacity
298length per arearatioLengAreameter per square meterdouble relationship between length and area
299electrical conductivityconductivitysiemens per meterdouble Electrical conductivity
300PlotIDplotidnonestring The value must be one of these items: A B,C.
302PLOT_JEPLOT_JEnonestring Not found
303speciesspeciesnonestring Unknown
265massmasskilogramdouble SI based mass