BExIS 2.12.1 - Manage Units
With this interface you are able to manage (e.g. create, edit, delete) units which may be needed to define data attributes. Units cannot be edited or deleted once they are associated with a data attribute (they become locked).


Dimension Name
Measurement System
Associated Data TypesDescription
145MassmassmenmassMetric double test
4mole per kilogrammol/kgamount per massMetric double  
5katal per kilogramkat/kgamount per mass timeUnknown double  
146mole per kilogram and secondmol/(kg*s)amount per mass timeMetric double  
7katalkatamount per timeUnknown double  
147square meterm^2areaMetric double  
9square meter per kilogramm^2/kgarea per massMetric double  
33kilogram per cubic meterkg/m^3mass per volumeMetric double  
10arearatiom^2/m^2area ratioUnknown double  
11ampereAcurrentMetric double  
12ampere-hourAhcurrent timeMetric double  
1nonenonenoneUnknown All Data Types If no unit is used.
13percentage%dimensionlessUnknown double  
148per mile%dimensionlessImperial double  
15degreedegdimensionlessUnknown double  
21jouleJenergyUnknown double  
16arcarcdimensionlessUnknown string  
17phnone (pH)dimensionlessUnknown double  
18beaufort scaleBftdimensionlessUnknown double  
19degree by iers°IERSdimensionlessUnknown string  
149siemens per meterS/melectrical conductorUnknown double  
22metermlengthMetric double  
23liter per square meterl/m^2volume per areaMetric double  
24cubic meter per square meterm^3/m^2volume per areaMetric double  
150meter per kilogramm/kglength per massMetric double  
26meter per secondm/slength per timeMetric double  
153mass ratiokg/kgmass ratioUnknown double  
151liter per square meter and hourl/(m^2 * h)length per timeMetric double  
28candelacdluminousMetric double  
29kilogramkgmassMetric double  
128event counteventcountnoneMetric number  
31joule per square meterJ/m^2mass per time 2Unknown double  
30kilogram per square meterkg/m^2mass per areaMetric decimal, double, number  
152watt per square meterW/m^2mass per time 3Unknown double  
49cubic meterm^3volumeMetric double  
41percent per kilogram%/kgper massMetric double  
35ohmohmelectrical resistanceUnknown double  
36pascalPapressureUnknown double  
37per square meter1/m^2per areaMetric double  
154meter per square meterm/m^2per lengthMetric double  
42hertzHzper timeUnknown double  
155square meter per cubic meterm^2/m^3per lengthMetric double  
43per second1/sper timeMetric double  
156per kilogram1/kgper massMetric double  
157kelvin°KtemperatureMetric double  
50cubic meter per kilogramm^3/kgvolume per massMetric double  
45degree celsiusdeg CtemperatureUnknown double  
46secondstimeMetric double  
47yearatimeUnknown double, integer  
158voltVvoltageUnknown double  
161micromoleµmolamountMetric double  
51volume ratiom^3/m^3volume ratioUnknown double  
52wattWwattUnknown double  
159microgram per gramµg/gmass ratioMetric double  
160micrometerµmlengthMetric double  
165micromole per kilogramµmol/kgamount per massMetric double  
162micromole per area timeµmol/(m^2*s)amount per area timeMetric double  
163micromole per hour gramµmol/(h*g)amount per mass timeMetric double  
164micromole per gramµmol/gamount per massMetric double  
166microsiemens per centimeterµS/cmelectrical conductorMetric double  
62per 100 grams1/100gper massMetric double  
61per microgram1/µgper massMetric double  
167per 19.6 square centimeter1/19.6cm^2per areaMetric double  
168per 58.9 square centimeter1/58.9cm^2per areaMetric double  
64per 314.16 square centimeter1/314.16cm^2per areaMetric double  
169per year1/aper timeUnknown double  
170per gram1/gper massMetric double  
67per circle1/circper areaUnknown double  
171per minute1/minper timeUnknown double  
69per hectare1/haper areaUnknown double  
172per nanogram1/ngper areaMetric double  
173centimetercmlengthMetric decimal, double, number  
174square centimetercm^2areaMetric double  
73centimeter per gramcm/glength per massMetric double  
78deciton per hectaredt/hamass per areaUnknown double  
75square centimeter per gramcm^2/garea per massMetric double  
80gramgmassMetric double  
83gram per cubic centimeterg/cm^3mass per volumeMetric double  
86gram per square meterg/m^2mass per areaMetric double  
89hectarehaareaUnknown double  
90hectopascalhPapressureUnknown double  
91kilodaltonkDamassUnknown double  
93kilohertzkHzper timeUnknown double  
94kilometerkmlengthMetric double  
98meter per gramm/glength per massMetric double  
100square meter per hectarem^2/haarea ratioUnknown double  
107miligram per litermg/lmass per volumeMetric double  
109megahertzMHzper timeUnknown double  
114square milimetermm^2areaMetric double  
115square milimeter per grammm^2/garea per massMetric double  
117mole per area daymol/(m^2*d)amount per area timeUnknown double  
122nanogram per gramng/gmass ratioMetric double  
124nanomole per gram hournmol/(g*h)amount per mass timeUnknown double  
134decibeldBnoneMetric decimal, number  
137events per dayeventPerDaynoneMetric number  
139events per minuteeventPerMinutenoneMetric number  
2molemolamountMetric double  
188cubic meter per hectarem^3/havolume per areaUnknown double  
189absorbance mililiter per grammAU*ml/gvolume per massMetric double  
190milibarmbarpressureUnknown double  
191miligrammgmassMetric double  
192miligram per grammg/gmass ratioMetric double  
193miligram per kilogrammg/kgmass ratioMetric double  
194miligram per square metermg/m^2mass per areaMetric double  
195minutemintimeUnknown double  
196mililitermlvolumeMetric double  
197milimetermmlengthMetric double  
198milimeter per hourmm/hlength per timeMetric double  
199milimole per area timemmol/(m^2*s)amount per area timeUnknown double  
200monthmonthstimeUnknown double  
201enzyme unit per grammU/gamount per mass timeUnknown double  
202milivoltmVvoltageUnknown double  
203nanogram per microliterng/µlmass per volumeMetric double  
204nanomolenmolamountUnknown double  
205stock solid cube meterVfmvolumeUnknown double  
206stock solid cube meter per hectareVfm/havolume per areaUnknown double  
207centimeter per secondcm/slength per timeMetric double  
208millimetermmlengthMetric decimal, number  
209milligrammgmassMetric decimal, number  
210daydaytimeUnknown number  
211weekwktimeUnknown number  
212fractionfractionnoneMetric decimal, number  
213percent%noneMetric decimal, number  
214scalescalenoneMetric decimal, number  
215events per houreventPerHournoneMetric number  
3mole per square meter and secondmol/(m^2 * s)amount per area timeMetric double  
175cubic centimetercm^3volumeMetric double  
176cubic centimeter ratiocm³/cm³volume ratioMetric double  
177harvest solid cube meter per hectareEfm/havolume per areaUnknown double  
178gram per 20 square centimetersg/20cm^2mass per areaMetric double  
179gram per square centimeterg/cm^2mass per areaMetric double  
180gram ratiog/gmass ratioMetric double  
181gram kilogram ratiog/kgmass ratioMetric double  
182gradiangondimensionlessUnknown double  
183hourhtimeUnknown double  
92kilogram per hectarekg/hamass per areaMetric double  
184kilometer per hourkm/hlength per timeMetric double  
185square kilometerkm^2areaMetric double  
186literlvolumeMetric double  
187meter per hectarem/haper lengthUnknown double  
216events per montheventPerMonthnoneMetric number  
217events per secondeventPerSecondnoneMetric number  
218events per weekeventPerWeeknoneUnknown number  
219events per yeareventPerYearnoneUnknown number  
220liter per minutel/mnoneMetric decimal, number